Let's Talk with Anna

I am a Miami native who relocated to Gainesville over 20 years ago. As both owner of Segway Group, which specializes in helping organizations with their recruitment and relocation endeavors and as a Realtor, I work closely with UF, UF Health, government entities, tech companies, and other businesses to help recruit top talent from around the globe and then assist them with their real estate needs. My concierge-style approach to luxury experiences for buyers, sellers, and referral partners have earned me the reputation as the go-to person to assist VIP candidates and new hires. This has helped me to forge a number of strong relationships with newcomers to the area, which in turn allows me to grow a network of support for future residents. In addition to helping my customers buy and sell real estate, my "Let's Talk Real Estate" podcast helps to educate the audience about a variety of real estate-related topics, local and national market conditions, and how the area’s growth and opportunities compare to other cities nationwide. Lastly, by combining my publishing and marketing backgrounds, I also create videos to showcase the area's natural beauty, housing opportunities, businesses, and the people who make the Gainesville area what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.

Recent Episodes

Let’s Talk Hollywood with Blake Starge‪l‬

Blake Stargel is making it big in Hollywood...Hollywood real estate, that is. After moving to California from Nebraska, where he had traded college life for Realtor life, Blake started hitting the real estate world and social media hard. In this episode, Blake tells us what it was like to move to LA and then transition to a new brokerage, what the continual grind to get business is like, where he is today, and where he sees himself and the market going during the coming year. Plus, he gives us the scoop about some Million Dollar Listing celebrities, who he encounters regularly in the LA real estate scene. It seems like this Star has a very bright future ahead of him!

Let’s Talk Investing in Multi-Family Properties with John Stoebe‪r‬

John Stoeber, a Principal at Kronos Investment Partners, is barely out of college yet he knows more about investing in real estate than most seasoned professionals in the industry do. A self-proclaimed number cruncher, he oversees underwriting, market analysis, and financial reporting at Kronos, which is a private equity firm that buys cash-flowing and under-performing multi-family properties in the U.S. In our discussion, we touched on house flipping’s pros and cons, how house hacking can let you live rent-free, and why BRRRR is a great investment strategy. There’s even a golden nugget of investing advice for real estate professionals.

Let’s Talk About Real Estate’s Future with Ari Rastega‪r‬

If there were a prize for Most Energetic Guest, then Ari Rastegar would win it hands-down. Founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Company, Ari is a force to reckon with due to his business acumen and overall dynamic personality. His innovative, technology-driven investment strategies have made him a thought leader in real estate, where he specializes in recession-resilient real assets and multifamily real estate developments, building portfolios designed to reduce risk and maximize capital appreciation potential. Today, Ari took time from his incredibly busy schedule to discuss President Biden’s sustainability plans and how they will affect the future of our cities, his interest in helping cities grow, and how he stays positive even in the most challenging of times. Did we mention that he’s a fitness and healthy eating guru and has been profiled in GQ, and is about to publish a book? We’re not kidding when we say he’s energetic!

Let’s Talk Mortgage Madness with Kristin Hawkin‪s‬

For months, we’ve been trying to get Kristin Hawkins, Sales Manager and Mortgage Loan Originator at FBC Mortgage, to join us on the podcast. The holdup? The crazy busy lending business! While 2020 brought a lot of unpleasant surprises, it also brought a flurry - make that a blizzard - of activity in the mortgage industry. With interest rates lower than we’ve ever seen, potential homeowners were snatching up 2.5% interest rate loans and existing homeowners took advantage of the historically low rates to refinance their mortgages. With the busiest and best year in her career (so far) in the books, Kristin came up for some air and took time from her still-busy schedule to chat with us today.

Let's Talk Nashville Real Estate Growth With Josh Anderso‪n‬

Originally from Nashville, Josh graduated from Louisiana State University in International Trade and Finance. Josh served 8 years in the U.S. Army, including a 10-month stint in Bagram, Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom. These experiences, coupled with the education he received from Louisiana State, have molded him into a focused, disciplined, and strong willed individual. Josh Anderson can best be described as a man of high energy with a passion for Nashville real estate. He is a business savvy professional with a strong desire to cater to his clients' particular needs. Client satisfaction is paramount! Josh's market expertise coupled with his superior negotiating skills set him apart from the rest. Today, Josh shares his extensive experience in real estate and within the luxury sector. We also talk with Josh about what it means to create a culture for his team that breeds success for everyone.